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About this journal

Welcome to my fanfiction journal! Originally this stuff was posted at _lucid_dreams @ LJ but I've since moved it all to here: [personal profile] lucidreamsfics and lucidreamsfics @ LJ.

When it comes to fanfiction, I enjoy reading and writing darker stories. I also enjoy stories that include humor in them since I think life is generally pretty funny if you know where to look. Unique pairings and cross-overs are another thing I like.

I like feedback and enjoy reading comments but what I really love is suggestions. Sometimes when I'm writing I get stuck for what to do next so if you're reading one of my stories and have a suggestion, feel free to give it.
Fandoms & Pairings
Favorite Fandoms: Ginger Snaps, The Lost Boys , The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, X-men:Evolution, The Craft, Firestarter, Fables, Runaways, Mortal Kombat, Jack of Tales, The secret circle, Dark Visions, The forbidden game, Vampire High, Greek Mythology, Hindu Mythology

Favorite Pairings: Brigitte Fitzgerald/Tyler, Brigitte Fitzgerald/Sam, Brigitte Fitzgerald/Rodney Skinner, Jeremy/Ginger Fitzgerald, David/Sarah Bailey, Marko/Rochelle, Rogue/Pyro, Kitty/Lance, Jack Horner/Goldilocks, Cinderella/Kay, Snow White/Bigby, Rose Red/Boy Blue, Wicked John/Alice, Rose Red/Boy Blue, Gert/Chase, Alex Wilder/Nico Minoru, Sonya/Sub-Zero, Sonya/Shang Tsung, Poseidon/Hestia, and more.

Major Stories




Coming Soon

I am not makeing profit off this journal, this is purely for fun. A majority of the work here focuses on characters that do not belong to me, unless otherwise stated.

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